External Game development studio

We don’t just code. We don’t just draw. We don’t just produce. We make.


Our hearts are on our sleeve and our soul bleeds into everything that we do. We want to help you create powerful experiences, the kind that ring out all night long.

We are the partners you didn’t know you had. We are the team members you didn’t know you needed. We are here when you need us and gone when you don’t. 

We want to solve your problems, whether they are product strategy, design, development or delivery. 

Because we want to be your biggest fans.

We are Rogue Ruckus. Let's do this.

A few ways we can help


We apply the latest in agile development and lean startup practices to quickly create prototypes and proofs of concept used to run experiments and find the fun.

Our goal is to get the information and learning you need as quickly as possible while only investing the necessary amount of your effort and resources.

Full Product Development

Have an app or game you want made? We'll take care of that.

You are the creative director and we are your development partner. We want your art and passion to leave your head and enter the world, and we have all the skills to make that happen. How serendipitous!


Consulting & Team Augmentation

Making games and apps isn't easy; we’ve all run into challenges that we can't tackle alone. But don't worry, you've got a ringer in your corner.

User experience and interface, gameplay mechanics, performance optimization, product strategy or marketing. We got your back.

Stuff we know

Languages & Tools

Objective C



Functional Areas

Art & Animation
Product Management & Analytics
Branding & Marketing
Gameplay Design
Feature Development
Engine & Tools
Performance Optimization

Some of what we've Done

Astral Alchemist

Full prototype development including product strategy, concepting, procedural generation engine development


User interface, character controls development and character movement optimization


Product design, engine & tools development, gameplay programming, marketing & promotion


Optimized video encoding & streaming tech


Riff Racer

Developed iOS port of the game


Core Team

Phil Tossell - Technical Director

Phil began making games with legendary game developer Rare directly after graduating from University in 1997. He began work as a software engineer on Diddy Kong Racing before taking on the Lead Engineer duties for his following projects Starfox Adventures and Kameo: Elements of Power. Phil’s passion for perfecting gameplay led to him taking a company-wide position as Director of Gameplay for Rare in 2009. Following the completion of Kinect Sports, Phil left Rare to pursue his dream of creating beautifully crafted and unique gaming experiences.

Bill Rooney - Co-Founder

Bill is a product manager and co-founder of Rogue Ruckus. Bill is dedicated to leveraging the power of lean startup, human centered design and agile philosophies to lead teams to design and develop products and services that people love. He has led international project teams to deliver multi-million dollar global enterprise software solutions, supported production teams at Riot Games and helped make government technology better as part of the United States Technology Transformation Service.

Chris Green - Co-Founder

Chris Green is an entrepreneur and co-founder of Rogue Ruckus where he creates and produces film and digital media experiences. Chris believes that the tendrils of good design and user experience spread through all industries, products, and customers; there are lessons to be learned on how to connect and design with humanity everywhere if we open our eyes.


Matt Dickson - Evangelist

Combine Matt’s extensive business development and recruiting experience with his undying love for all things games, and it’s easy to see why he’s a great Evangelist for Rogue Ruckus. Matt is dedicated to truly understanding the needs and challenges that studios face when growing their team and culture, helping them make connections internally and externally or find the solutions they need to get their game into the world.